Extended DateTime

Stable Version 10.0.2 (O10)
Also available for 9.1, 9
Published on 07 November 2018 by 
Created on 07 November 2008
Extended DateTime functions, adds Add / Diff, Daylight Saving, Rounding, StartOf and Week Number functions
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Extended DateTime functions, adds Add / Diff, Daylight Saving, Rounding, StartOf and Week Number functions

Feature List

Implemented DateTime functions:

  • Add / DiffWeeks
  • Add / DiffMonths
  • Add / DiffQuarters
  • Add / DiffYears
  • DateMax / DateMin
  • DayLightSaving_Start
  • DayLightSaving_End
  • DateTimeCeiling
  • DateTimeFloor
  • StartOfWeek/WeekByDate/Month/Quarter/Year
  • WeekNumber
  • Epoch/Unix Timestamp
  • SecondsToTime
  • UTC Time

And more

What’s new (10.0.2)

New actions

  • Epoch/Unix Timestamp
    • Get seconds since Epoch
    • Get milliseconds since Epoch
    • Convert to/from DateTime
    • Useful for measuring intervals with millisecond precision and for APIs that use Unix Timestamps
  • DateTime to ISO 8601
    • Useful for APIs that use non-standard DateTime parameters
  • DateMax/DateMin
    • Exactly like Max()/Min(), but with DateTime inputs
  • SecondsToTime
    • Converts seconds to a Time value, e.g. 22 into #00\:00\:22#
  • Current UTC time

Other changes

  • Deleted the deprecated AddMonths and AddYears actions!
  • Deleted the StartOfWeekByDate action
  • Created an Extended DateTime Application
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