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"User management"
AD Import
Fábio Fantato
Sync users from AD into OutSystems groups. This application includes a custom integration to bind an AD Group to an OutSystems group. There is a timer running a synchronization process to keep things up to date. In the end, the timer will create users in OutSystems if they do not exist and binds them to the right Group SID value.
Latest version
2.0.0  (O11)
Latest release
9 Jul 2019
Also available for 10, 9.0
Active Directory
User management
User Management
Frederico Sousa
Ever wondered how you can change the default users application? You have to create your own user management page and block access to the default one, and this is exactly that! This application manages your users and you can change it at will, you can use this and then set the site property "AllowWebAccess" of the Users App to false. This uses the Users app as user provider so you don't have to migrate any data.
Latest version
1.0.0  (O11)
Latest release
2 Apr 2019
Also available for 10
clone of users
User management
users clone