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Chuong tran
You are developing a screen that enscapsulates many things/fields, you are developing a feature which appears in many places. If you don’t use web blocks, the huge screen becomes so messy with actions and variables. If you don’t use web blocks, the common feature must be repeated in all places. However, if you create a reusable web block, how the parent web block or the main page retrieve its values? By capturing onchange and fire the event? This solution is fine but takes time for backward and forward between client and server on every onchange. What about packing everything before ajax call? The brief idea is that before ajax call, we gather all information in json format and put the json in a hidden field of the parent web block or the main page. In the server action, we deserialize the json string into the appropriate model.
Latest version
1.0.2  (O11)
Latest release
7 Jan 2021