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File Upload
Carlos Alfaro
jQuery File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support and progress bars, based on jQuery File Upload. Supports chunked and resumable file uploads as well as custom file handlers, that might be used to store temporary files in different places (temp folder, DB, external document management, shared folder, etc).
Latest version 
4.1.0  (O11)
Latest release
8 Aug
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chunk files
file upload
How to validate file upload
Tal Team
A example of how to upload file and image validation..
Latest version 
1.0.3  (O10)
Latest release
30 July 2018
file upload
How To
Stuart Harris
A file upload widget that allows AJAX submit, automatic upload with no further submit needed, with drag/drop and image preview that works on all browsers, including Internet Explorer 11 and Edge. It uses the awesome FilePond javascript library. by Rik Schennink. Drag & drop or browse files, ajax submit, multiple files, image preview, restrict by file type and size.
Latest version 
2.0.1  (O11)
Latest release
16 Sep (4 weeks ago)
file upload