GetExceptionURL() doesn't propagate over Referenced eSpaces

GetExceptionURL() doesn't propagate over Referenced eSpaces


Unless I'm really doing something wrong, it appears as though either exceptions are not propagated over referenced espaces, or the GetExceptionURL() function doesn't support this propagation.

Is this intentional? I'm trying to migrate the "Common" Screen Flow and a Theme to a separate eSpace so that it can be consumed by several eSpaces (essentially, to adhear to the DRY principal and not have to have my custom theme in several eSpaces), but this doesn't work because the redirects get broken.

Suggestions to a workaround would be appreciated if they exist.

Hi Richard,

GetExceptionURL() should work correctly regardless of it being on a referenced eSpace or not.
What properties do you have configured on your top level Theme? It needs to have the "Error Handling Flow" property filled there (even if the flow is from a reference), since the theme hierarchy does not inherit the flows from the base themes automatically.

If that is not your problem, can you upload some sample eSpaces, so we can try to replicate it here?

João Rosado
Hi João,

Thanks for the reply. In the interim, I deleted both eSpaces and recreated them, and now I dont seem to be able to recreate the problem. I don't know what I did wrong, but it seems to be resolved.