Connect SQL Server trusted_connection=yes

Connect SQL Server trusted_connection=yes

How do I connect to a SQL Server which only allows access by Windows Authentication. When I try to specify my connection string I get the error:
Connection String test failed: Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication.
My connection string is:
;Data Source="KL123ABC";Trusted_Connection=yes;initial catalog="<DBName>";
Where KL123ABC is the correct server name and <DBNAME> has the correct Database name on this server.
Hello Laurelia

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Since Agile Platform version 7.0 that is possible to configure the Agile Platform to connect to the main SQL Database using Windows Authentication. Are you attempting to connect to the main database using Windows Authentication or trying to setup a Database Connection on Service Center?

If the former, please refer to the forum post


Miguel Simões João
Hi Miguel.

I was trying to setup a Database Connection on Service Center.

rgds Laurella