Display a table record list, where initial page is the page of a determined row


My need is:

Open a page, that contains a table record list with pagination. When the page opens, I want the table record list be on the page where a determined record appears! Is that possible?

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Hi Carlos,

Never tried that before, but let me give it a shot.

If I understood your question correctly, I think you'll need to:
  1. Know the position of the desired record in the original record list. You can do this by inspecting the list via an action that iterates the list until it finds the actual record position
  2. Use that position and divide it (and floor the result?) by the LineCount property of the TableRecords in question. This will give you the start page you need
  3. Use that position to control de StartIndex property of the TableRecords so you start displaying data there
So if you have a record that is in position 100, and your line count is 10, you have to divide 100 by 10 and you know that this record in on page 10. Makes sense?

I understand the principle here and that was my approach but if I fix a start position, the navigation won't work. At least, isn't working.

I tried to pass on the method List_Navigation_GetStartIndex, a specific position but that isn't working too.

Any other ideas?

I think I see the issue. If you do fix the StartIndex then it will always be the same. My suggestion is do an IF on IsLoadingScreen() so that you only fix the position on the first page load. If the page is not loading, you can use the List_Navigation_GetStartIndex function. 

If this does not work, can you post an example on where you are and we can work from there?
Hi Goncalo,

My question is relative to the above concern, Using the IsLoadingWebScreen(), I managed to point the pagination group for the first record selected . But what I noticed during Preparation is that the List_Navigation Widget's value is not in synch with the Start_Index of the Table. For example, I have 17 records, and then the first record selected is on the second pagination group (let's say 6-10 of 17). The List_Navigation's Widget's value should be 1 (2) 3 Next instead of (1) 2 3 Next.

Please advise.

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Hello Everyone,

Hoping that you could help me on this one.

Thank you.