A few new Service Studio tricks

A few new Service Studio tricks

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed a number of new tricks in Service Studio that were not there before, and I never saw announced anywhere. I'd love it if others could add to this list!

Copy/cut/paste between eSpaces now gets references
You could always copy/paste between eSpaces. Now, any refrences needed by the pasted items are automatically added to the destination eSpace, as long as they are public. This is a HUGE time saver when refactoring! Saved me an hour yesterday.

Granular "Refresh XYZ references"
If you change an individual item consumed by other eSpaces, instead of doing a full-blown "Refresh consumers" from the "eSpace" menu, you can right-click what's changed and just update that. Great way to see if a change will break anything when you are making a large number of changes at once.

Drag an Identifier variable to Action to make a query
If you have a variable in an action of type Entity Identifier, dragging it into an Action flow makes a query that is set to filter by that ID. I suspect this one has been here a long time and I just now found it...

Hi Justin, 

did you had the opportunity to check Tiago Simões presentation Service Studio Tips & Tricks

Take a look here

Thanks! I knew most of those before, but I hadn't seen the presentation.