Integration of Outsystems with Qlikview

Integration of Outsystems with Qlikview


Bom dia

I would like get some information about integration with Qlikview . On search i found a broken link .
If you guys can share your experience and any references would definetely help.



Hi Riaz,

You can use QlikView with a direct connection to an OutSystems DB and it works fine, it requires a user/pwd with read access to configure the QlickView connection.
Then QlickView can access any entity or you can define your own views to the data (SQL ETL like). Data is captured on demand, and then QlikView will do all the analysis in its own memory image, without any further impact to the OutSystems DB.
Having defined the data sources, it is just a question of designing your reports with a skill level similar to creating pivot tables in Excel (but much more powerful).
Afterwards, you can view the reports that you created using QlikView directilly into you OutSystems application using an iframe.

Paulo Garrudo
Thanks Paulo.  This is the information i was looking for.  Thanks for  mentioning iframe . it will be cool if i can get these reports in outsystems.
Hi Paulo,

Is there a way to create Qlikview objects that are similar to the OutSystems charts therefore requiring the need to only pass in the Data Source (query/record list), and any other relevant input parameters?
We are looking for a way to develop qlikview reports inside a container rather than building through qlikview and exposing the report through an iframe if possible.


Hi Daniel,

QlikView’s JavaScript API allows you to integrate QlikView objects in OutSystems web screens (and webpages in general) without using an Iframe. QlikView calls it "DIV-tag integration".
The links below have information on how to accomplish this:
I don’t know if you can dynamically create a QlikView object by passing input arguments to the QlikView server, or if you can only display QlikView objects that already exist in the QlikView server. You'll have to refer to QlikView’s API documentation to know for sure.

But, assuming you can pass arguments via the API to dynamically create a QlikView object (e.g. the data points of your chart), you could create an action that would take a record list and make the right call to QlikView server to allow you to embed a new object.


Note: To use QlikView's JavaScript API you need QlikView WorkBench (licensed separately).
Hi! We're trying to integrate Qlickview on Outsystems PAAS.. Is there a way we can integrate Qlikview on the OutSystems PAAS.  As per my understading, we were provided only 1 account which has CRUD access on the DB.  Since we have onlye 1 account, is there other ways we can integrate these two without using the existing CRUD account.  Does outsystems provide secondary R/O access to the DB?

Your OutSystems Platform on PaaS is automatically provisioned with a database user that executes all the database accesses that you program in your OutSystems applications. The credentials of this database user are known only to OutSystems support team.

As an Enterprise Subscription customer, you can open a Service Request (e.g. in Lifetime) to request an extra database user, to be used for scenarios like the one you describe.
For more details on the possibilities and limitations of this extra database user, check the Enterprise Cloud Tech Note: