Troubles displaying data from oracle database into table record

Troubles displaying data from oracle database into table record

I have connected my oracle database with Integration studio and am I able to see the entities inside Service studio. When I add in into a record table I am able to see them but, with the latest try cut off the first couple of letters of the names and on top of that it added the entity attributes as well.

Some screenshots:

Another problem I have with a different table is that the link to the show page is not being displayed:

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.

Hi Davey

For the firsts problem, from the screenshot you've sent, the table records is behaving like that table has a record with the values ame and City for the Name and City attributes. Can you check the values on that sample table by running the select * from sample; query?

Regarding the other problem about the show link, since the link is on the ANKEN CD and SHOUHIN CD attribute values, if those values are empty, the text will not be displayed and thus the link will not be displayed as well. You should change the expression for these two attributes to check if it's empty, so you can display a default value (e.g, "(no-value)") and have the link, or you can link a different attribute, that you know it will always have value.


Miguel Simões João