hide contols in create/edit form based on values selected in drop-down list

I have a form with drop-down list in it.

I want to show/hide other controls in the form based on the values selected in drop-down list control.

Kindly suggest how to do this.
Hi Vivek, and welcome to outsystems community!

you can take a look in this answer, it seems that's what you want.

let us know if you need more help!

Hi Kelter,

Can you please guide me that how to hide widgets on change event of Dropdown with "If" Condition?

Please sugges how to do it?
Hi jaydeep,

You can assign a boolean variable on your control's visible property and trigger it with an event assign to your combobox. The event must have an if statement to change the boolean variable, whether you want to display that control or not and lastly an ajax refresh to refresh the control.

Hope this helps.
Mark Chua