running gzip / newer components on OS version 5.1

running gzip / newer components on OS version 5.1

hi,I have some older apps running in one of my severs with OS version 5.1 server and i am trying to update the apps by using some components like gzip but it says that its not compatible with my version of integration studio.Please is it possible to run newer extensions in compatibility mode so that it can run on older platforms.This is because the app is fairly large and was developed in version 5.1.0 which used carry up to 75000 su.The su count of the application is 62,000 su and i cant upgrade in other to avoid fragmentation,so any help with regards to this will be appreciated. 
I am a bit confused what you are trying to ask, but here it goes.

I assume you want component like gzip be compatible with 5.1.
This means you need to contact the developer of the component to downgrade it.
or do it yourself.

grab a integration studio 7.0
open the extension and edit the source.
now you see what is being used etc.

now you have the sources, resources and actions which you simply have to replicate in your own 5.1 extension.
it's manual labour but as far as i know the only way to do it.

Hi startler & waldorf,Thanks for the swift reply,I would certainly try out your suggestions.But i would like to understand a few things, by "setting up an integration studio 7.0 ",do you mean i should install integration 7.0 studio separately and do the editing there or would i upgrade the 5.1 integration studio.Thanks .
just install 7.0 integration studio seperately for looking/referencing.

you do your writring/editing in 5.1, because that's where you gonna publish your extension.