Problem Installing Community Edition 7

Problem Installing Community Edition 7

I downloaded the installation file OutSystems-AgilePlatform-Full-Setup.

Double clicked and installation began. It was installing until an alert says 

"Window has requested a reboot to finish the installation of Microsoft Internet Information Service
To complete the Agile Platform installation you will need to reboot your computer and run the installer again.
Do you wish to reboot now?"

So I restarted my computer, and re ran the installer again, it seems like it is reinstalling again, and ended up with the Window has requested a reboot message again... I did it several times and when I press no I dont wish to restart, the installer says installation failed.

Anyone can help?
Hi David,

Are you trying to install on Windows 8? If you are, take a look at these suggestions from João Proença:

Alternatively check out this discussion:

Windows 7 Starter Edition actually
Hi David

I don't think the Windows 7 Starter Edition allows to install the IIS, which is required by the Agile Platform, so that's why the installation might be failling. To confirm that, please share with us the installation logs, which is a ZIp file located at c:\Program Files\OutSystems\Installer\

This will provide more clues to what's failing on the installation process.



Miguel Simões João