Am I the only one that completely and utterly despises working with JavaScript in OutSystems?
And if it uses jQuery, it is even worse!

Hi Carlos,

To be honest, I've been using more and more (with some sanity of course), jQuery.
What kind of (bad) experiences have you been having with JS/jQuery and the platform?

That's the problem, I don't know what's happening.
I'm trying to put a nice looking count down timer on a site and nothing I try works. The thing is, I don't get any errors (not even using the Firebug or the developer tools in IE 10 or Chrome).
I think I'll just take a break, blow up some aliens (I just bought the Mass Effect Trilogy*) and try again later :)

(* completely unrelated but Mass Effect 3 is probably the best RPG/FPS game I've ever played, it has lots of aliens to blow up and a very good coherent story)

Hi Carlos,

I can totally undestand your pain! However that's probably not tightly coupled with the OutSystems platform, it's just that catching errors in JavaScript can be a tricky thing sometimes... especially because if you have experience with other programming languages, there are many situations where you would expect an exception to be raised but everything just keeps working silently. Take this example for instance:

var someDate = new Date("You wish!");
Invalid Date

See any errors? There weren't any! Your code can keep working (or pretending to work) for quite a while without anything really blowing up as you may be used to in other programming languages. If you're using jQuery, you're also prone to have incorrect code that just won't spit any errors.

jQuery("i will not select anything").html("error please?").appendTo("body")

Again, no errors, and I could have kept chaining jQuery instance calls that would have worked happily.

I don't know if that's the case with your code, so if you could provide a sample we could probably help you further. Of course, priorities in order, please do shoot the aliens first!
(also, a relevant, shameless self plug)
I'll be doing a presentation at NextStep 2013 regarding JavaScript development and this kind of issues, so in case you're interested drop by and let's see if I can contribute to easy your daily JavaScript development pains!

Thanks Miguel, you're probably right!

Also I hope to attend NextStep this time, and I'll make sure to attend your presentation.

I'm obviously doing something wrong, as possibly something that is obviously wrong, but after a few hours looking at it, I no longer have any idea what It is.

Hi Carlos,

If you share what you have trouble maybe we try to help :)
Any chance of uploading a sample?

João Rosado
Javascript blows, simple as that.

Everything that was created to have Business Logic on the server and having thin clients for speed is blown away with the intrduction of javascript. got worse with jquery and other libraries.
The arrival of AngularJs is pretty much another signal we have returned to the fullblown client-server application.
(don't get me started on Mobile crap, because that is really back to square1 with client-server )
"The wheel of time" has passed another round.


ps. I found the story of ME horribly boring and a blueprint of every game Bioware made :P