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Published on 2013-04-05 by Miguel João
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Published on 2013-04-05 by Miguel João
I'm trying to use this OSP, but I'm getting an error due to oldness of this package. Could it be updated or refactored to bem use with the newest version of the Platform?

Thanx in advance!

Ricardo Pereira
Hi Ricardo

Yes, that's indeed old. It's 4.0 version :)

To upgrade espaces and extensions from a version older then 4.2, you'll need to have Service Studio 4.2 and Integration Studio 4.2, to upgrade to 4.2, and then use your version of Service Studio and Integration Studio (5.0+) to upgrade to your version.

Since 4.2 has been discontinued, now it's a little bit tricky to upgrade it, so I've uploaded a 7.0 version of this component. (version 1.1)


Miguel Simões João