Where is data stored in community version?

Where is data stored in community version?

I am currenlty using Community version for learning purpose. I checked that no database is configured with the agile platform. Is the data stored in flat file?
Is it possible to integrate SQL server with community version so that the data gets stored in SQL server ?

Please let me know your comments. I noticed this becasue when I save the OML file and use that OML file in other system, data is lost !
Hi Vivek

The OML file is just the application definition, and it doesn't hold any applicationdata. The data is stored on the Agile Platform database, which is either installed with the Agile Platform full installation, or if you're using the trial in the cloud, is actually stored on the cloud.

So moving the OML file from one environment to another will not move the application data, since it's on the database side.

Where did you search for a database in the Agile Platform? It must be configured on the Configuration Tool on the server side. If you're using a trial in the cloud, you won't be able to access it, but if you've installed the full Agile Platform Community Edition, then it's available through your Start Menu -> Programs -> Outsystems -> Configuration Tool.

In addition, for moving databases between environment to move your application's data as well as the applications, I would refer to the more advanced technical note www.outsystems.com/goto/technote-database-clone

Hope this information is helpful


Miguel Simões João
Hello Vivek, Miguel is right about OML. That`s why you always lost your data.