Introducing the Community Edition Troubleshooting forum!

Introducing the Community Edition Troubleshooting forum!

Hello community!!

A new Forum!

OutSystems designed the OutSystems Platform Community Edition in a way that getting it up and running is as simple as next, next, next and finish - and most often that's exactly what happens!

But what if you ran into some obstacles? :)
What do you do? Where do you get help?

That's where the new forum steps in! Going forward it will serve as the place for sharing frequent problems (and their solutions) while installing the Agile Platform Community Edition.

While this isn't an official support channel, you can count that the OutSystems support team will be around to share their knowledge.

Forum rules

Installation failed, and you're not happy - we get that! But help us help you by following these simple steps:
  1. Browse the forum for a similar problem.
    Found it? Does it have a solution/workaround? Follow it or otherwise reply to discussion with a "+1" to help us know how many people are being affected.
  2. Got a brand new issue? Create a new discussion for it!
    Just please remember to attach the installation log (c:\Program Files\OutSystems\Installer\ for analysis.

Enjoy your new space!

Davide Marquês
(Community Manager)

Hi I tried installed outsystem platform community edition on windows vista home premium.
It keep on prompting me to reboot system! If I rebooted, it never continue the installer!

Please help 
Hi Lim Lik,

Checkout this post by Nuno Parreira:

If that doesn't help troubleshooting the issue please create a new discussion for you specific issue. :)

I hope that helps!

Extra! Extra! This is your forum update!

Today we renamed the "Community Edition Troubleshooting" forum to "Installation Troubleshooting" to widden it's reach and turn it into the community support channel for any issues installing the OutSystems Platform (not just the Community Edition). Our hope is that with the new name the number of out-of-place discussions will reduce a bit.

During the next few days I will migrate a number of installation discussions which currently live on the "Technology & Integration" forum and that actually belong here. If you spot any rogue discussion just send me a PM. ;)