When is OSGlobal.nl-NL.js generated?

When is OSGlobal.nl-NL.js generated?

I have a ASPX-source in which the coding
<script src="_OSGlobalJS.nl-NL.js" type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8">

is present.
Can anyone tell me when this coding is generated and how I can prevent it from being generated?
Hi Gerard,

I'm almost sure that this is related with the multi-language feature that you might be using to translate all the Global concepts to Dutch. That code is related to the resource created when you add a new language into your application (one resource per language).
Hope this helps..

Gonçalo M.
Hai Gonçalo,

in the concerning eSpace JavaScript was given. See the image. When I removed this, the coding was gone.
Does that make sense?
Without looking at the OML I can't conclude nothing and I can't see the content of the Javascript library.
The Theme isn't the problem. The file is related to multi-language as I said first.
Can you give me more information or send me the OML?! You can use private messages if you prefer.
Hi Gerard,

Yes, the file itself appears if you have any javascript defined at the eSpace level, like your screenshot shows.
It won't appear if there is no javascript to include (optimization).

The specific ".nl-NL" part is generated if your eSpace is multilingual.

What exactly are you trying to solve?

João Rosado