Zxing Code 128 not Scanning properly

Zxing Code 128 not Scanning properly

I tried to Scan code 128 barcode with character length 22 using Zxing Android. it is not scanning sometimes scanning not getting correct string. what is the problem zxing with code 128 and character length more than 22?
(it is working fine for length 18)
Hi amal,

Did you find an answer for the issue you were facing?
Since the ZXing Services component is just a wrapper for the ZXing library (http://code.google.com/p/zxing/) maybe you'll find an answer in its official support channels:
I hope that helps.

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Thanks Davide. still I couldn't find the solution. i ll go through these.
well, it seems you have posted your answer at other forum and I think it will help other if I link it here.