SSRS Webservice Integration

I am trying to integration SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 via its webservices endpoint. 

In the "Add Web Reference" window I specified the wsdl url as instructed in the MSDN documentation -
"http://<servername>/ReportServer/ReportService2005.asmx?wsdl" (actual servername not shown).

After clicking the add button SS does its magic, but I get the following 2 warnings before the window closes:

Unsupported Structure:  Structure 'ModelItem' is recursive.
Unsupported Structure: Method 'ListModelItemChildren' uses unsupported type.

The web reference gets added ok and I can use the generated actions on my action flows.  I created 1 simple flow with a "LogonUser" action and a "GetDataSourceContents" action.  Both action have the correct parameter values set.  

When I publish and run the application I get an exception:

Method WRefReportingService2005.SetExecutionOptions can not be reflected.

I am using PS with SS

Any ideas?


Hi Izak,

That problem seems to be related to the generation of the service and needs a more detailed analysis. I suggest that you submit your eSpace to the OutSystems Support so it can be analised. In the meanwhile you can workaround by creating an Extension: