Developer sandboxes

Developer sandboxes


How does one configure a developer sandbox, referred to in the technical documentation?
We do have an Enterprise License.

Hi Quintin!

I don't think there's much to configure regarding the "developer's sandbox". 

The "developer sandbox" aka "personal area" (correct me if I'm wrong) is a feature that enables the developers to execute and test their espaces before publishing their changes to the main repository.

So when you Run (F6) an espace you can test your code without interfering with your coleague's code.

If you decide to publish your espace you may have to merge your code using the Outsystems visual difference tool to combine all the changes.

More info here

Thank you

F6 was the command I was looking for.
I see it's also available via teh Menu under Debugger.

Hi Quintin, nice to see you around!

Keep in mind that you need to publish to public are (F5) if you change and entity. 

Service Studio will warn you. The reason is taht there's only one database.

Cheers to SA!
Just to add to the discussion.. Can we do the development on local machine and then merge the changes on a central DEV Server (using Differences to Merge Window) ? Is it a recommended style of development ? How do you receommend setting dev, qa and production servers ?
Hi Kris,

Normally we like to have everybody working on the central DEV server so that we're continuously integrating all work. This way you can avoid big headaches when trying to merge your eSpaces later on with the rest of the team. With a little bit of team coordination, this is a very efficient style of development. 

As for your other question, can you please specific what do you want to know about DEV,QA, and PROD servers? Do you mean how do we setup the physical servers?
A good place to start might would be the technote about LifeTime Installation and Configuration
Thanks Goncalo, I want to know if we can use the same instance of agile as a dev, qa and production system. 
Hi Kris.

I don't really understand what you mean by instance, but if you're refering to one OutSystems Platform installation (one server + one database) that is a clear no. 

You should definitly have one "box" by environment.

Yes, Thats what I meant (one outsystems platform installation). Thanks for clarification. So if a team is working on development server, how do you recommend publishing the same espace to production server ?  
Hi again Kris.

If you're using the OutSystems Platform 7+ you have LifeTime. That's the way to stage your applications throughout your environment. 

Regarding the fact that your team is developing or not, that shouldn't be important. You should reach a stage in your development process where you tag the application, move that tag to test, test, and then move to PRD.
Thanks Pedro, I appreciate your help.