Multi click on a submit button

Multi click on a submit button

Hello community!

I have a submit button on a popup and sometimes users click multiple times.
I would like to avoid this.
After the first click I tried to disable this button with javascript. And I did it. The problem is: when I add the javascript the destination action doesn't trigger anymore.
I don't want to use AJAX.

How can I solve this problem?

I added an expression with this value:

"<script>osjs('#" + ButtonFeedback.Id + "').click(function(){osjs('#" + ButtonFeedback.Id + "')[0].disabled=true;})</script>"
Hi Ricardo,

An option you could try would be to create a local variable (e.g. ButtonWasClicked), set the Enabled property of the button to Not ButtonWasClicked.

Then the first thing you would do on the screeen action was to check if the variable was true and if so exit. Otherwise set the value to True, refresh the button, and do what you need to do:

An even simpler solution (if feasible) would be to set the button method to Submit.

Tiago Simões
But how to do that on client side?
Try this:
Yes i saw that component but what i see by the code javascript i am not sure it will prevent on submit button. I think it is for ajax situations
Filipe -

Just stick a line or two of jQuery on the screen that disabled the button once it has been clicked.