Send e-mails with TLS Authentication

Send e-mails with TLS Authentication

I am trying to use Amazon´s “Simple Email Service (SES)” to send e-mails, but I get the same error for each email I try to send:
Error sending email …: 3AUTH LOGIN
This service requires connections to use TLS, but I could not find this configuration in Service Center, and I guess this could be the problem.
Is TLS supported by native email service in OSAP ? How can I use it ?
Ricardo, you can use the RichMail extension which provides you with means of login.
With a little luck TLS is supported.

Should TLS not be supported and you maintain the mailserver yourself you could add a listener on a higher port (e.g. not SMTP port 25) which doesn't need TLS.
To limit spamming by internal trojans make sure to add a firewall rule that only allows your outsystems server connectivity to that port.

The OutSystems Platform will issue a STARTTLS command over an unencrypted channel if the server supports it. Is it possible for you to add this functionality to your smtp server? After the channel is secure, it should be OK to use AUTH LOGIN.

If this is not possible, you have a few other alternatives before having to resort to RichMail*.

1) set up an SSL/TLS tunnel to a secure port where AUTH LOGIN is supported. You can do this using the stunnel tool.
2) Have a local (to your outsystems server) SMTP relay which accepts local unencrypted connections and then relays the messages to your SMTP server. You can achieve this using IIS's SMTP server on .NET installations or something like postfix on Java installations.

* Why is using RichMail "bad"? This way you can't use the OutSystems Platform's mechanisms to create mails. You won't be able to take advantage of its retry and asysnchronous mechanisms without having to implement them yourself.