How-to NOT refresh all dependencies when publishing a solution?

How-to NOT refresh all dependencies when publishing a solution?

We have an Outsystems platform with several different applications.

I have one solution with 5 eSpaces. These eSpaces are producers and consumers of each other.
There are other eSpaces that are only consumed by this solution.
There are no eSpaces outside the solution I want to publish that consume from the eSpaces in this Solution.

I believe that when I want to publish this solution, only these 5 eSpaces are published, but when I tested this, also all the dependencies are being published.

How do I publish only these 5 eSpaces on the platform, without publishing the depencies?
Hi Remco,

I don't think that what you want to do is possible.
Can you give some more context to understand the "problem"?


I have the same question.

For example, when I publish my solution, the Silk Framework (that is a depedency) is always published too. This breaks the references of all my silk based modules... but I do not want to refresh silk, I want to publish only the modules I've selected to easily correct its references.
1. Check that only the components you want to publish are included in the solution (Components Tab > Associated Components)
2. Then, in the Versions Tab, before clicking in the download button, uncheck the "Include Dependencies in download" option:


I dont want to download the solution. What I want is to publish the espaces to automatically refresh its references.
Sorry André, I tought you were moving your solution to another environment.
No prob Carlos. Thanks for the reply anyway :)

I got the answer here - It is not possible in the current version, since ServiceCenter solutions always republish the dependencies.