[jQueryGoodies] Java fix + new feature

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Published on 2015-11-12 by Renato Pauleta
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Published on 2015-11-12 by Renato Pauleta

I have downloaded and fixed the java-version of jQuery-goodies.
jQuery and JSF don;t like each other, when JSF produces id's like "wt5:wtMainContent:wtAjaxPopupLnk".
jQuery goes fubar when he spots a colon, so you need to properly escape it.

Furthermore I have added a text-alignment of columns based on a specific char.
(see http://www.bramstein.com/projects/text-align/examples/examples.html for a demo)
it's in the spec of w3c but not yet available in browsers 
I have not yet IPP'd it and not added as a new version, because I have only tested it quickly with java.
so if anyone can (re)test it in .net please :)


I'm trying. I'll let you know if everything works out


I was able to test it. Seems to work fine but just instead of escapping all the time for ".Net" I've added the GetApplicationServerType() built in function to skip the escape when we're a '.Net' envirnoment.

I do have issues with the text-align feature, it doesn't work for me on chrome (a couple of error's) did not have time to check them, so you want to add it please make sure it works on all browsers.

Attached is the version with your Java fix, but the text-align section is commented on the sample application
erm, I am confused. I did test it on chrome and it worked fine for me.

I just tested it on FF20.0.1, Chrome 26.0.1410.64 m, IE9

Sorry. What I meant is that the <textAlignScript> is not working for me, I'm testing on a live environment (not on community edition).

I get some javascript errors:
$.extend(jQuery.expr.filter, {
// Override the pseudo selector and go past the 'unrecognized
// expression' error message if nth-col is part of the
// expression. This is only necessary on jQuery >= 1.4.x.
PSEUDO: function (elem, match, i, array) {
var name = match[1];
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of undefined
if (name !== 'nth-col') {
return pseudoSelector(elem, match, i, array);

Using the http://<server>/jQueryGoodiesSample/GoodiesInAction.aspx

Maybe this is an issue with the different plataform server types we're using (java vs .Net). Not sure.
Splitting the text align features to a new screen seems to work. There might be some incompatability with other plugins.

Can you check the main page and tell me if the popup or the input calendar still work on you end?

I'm on a different project now, so back to .NET, no java for me for now :)

I'm preparing a version of this component using the jQuery available on the 8.0 Platform.
One of the issues that fixes "out of the box" is the java identifiers.

Anyone has objections against making it using the platform jQuery by default? (1.8.3)

João Rosado