Not display all column in forms with Many Columns within the Entity

I have several(over 60) data columns with in an entity

I created an edit table widget, drag and drop the entity into the edit table but only the first few(like 12) columns were generated but not all 60. Therefore I had to drag and drop each column for the entity into the form

Can anyone explain

Hi David,

You are right, it may seem strange that only the first columns are shown. But the platform does this to guide on some of the best practices on usability, namely progressive disclosure. Having so many information on the screen is usually overwhelming and it might be worth to stop to think what users will really need, what will they really try to do. Aditional information, that is not so commonly used, could be in a different screeen, for example.

This being said, it may well be that users need all that information all the time, and in that case you can do as you were saying and drag the columns to the tablerecords. Another option would be to show the more relevant columns on the table and use a Popup_InfoBaloon to show the other attributes.

Tiago Simões