Guide on how to make advanced queries using OS Advanced Queries Syntax on SQL.

Reporting Services
Query Testing (Alternative to ServiceStudio test query)

Can only query one catalog and one eSpace. Different catalogs and entities from different eSpaces aren't yet developed.
Please feel free to contribute!

How to use
1) Run the attached script on the destination OS Catalog
2) use this script to test it:

 declare @inESpace varchar(50), @inOSQuery varchar(2000)
 set @inESpace = 'MyEspaceNAme'
--Use OS Advanced Query Syntax
 set @inOSQuery = 'select * from {MyEntityNameInServiceStudio}'

            @ESpace =@inESpace,
            @OSQuery = @inOSQuery

this work... cool

new version soon... cross eSpace and catalog!!!