Google maps and Web Screens

Google maps and Web Screens

Good afternoon.

I would like to set google maps onto a web screen and set markers, drag markers in order to obtain latitudes and longitudes and so on.

But i can't find the spot where i can set the Google Maps API. 

Can you help me?

Thank you in advance!

Instead of doing it all by yourself, maybe the existing Google Maps component may be of use to you?
Thank you for the help Ricardo.

Gotta give it a try and i'll see if it suits my solution ;).

Kind regards,

OK, one thing:

can i adapt this package to my app? Or this is a loose app that i can use independently?


From what I could see of the component it provides an API in the form of actions and weblocks for you to reuse in your application. It also has an example eSpace on how to use that API.

I think you should study that example eSpace and see if the already provided API suits your needs. As always, if there is something amiss you are free to open the API eSpace and change it to your needs. If you feel like it you can contribute back with your changes so the whole community can take advantage.