Community Edition Version 8 - How get the license?

Community Edition Version 8 - How get the license?

Hi guys, I'm trying to install Version 8 of Agile Plataform, not in my development machine or production one, just in my personal machine to test it. But the license don't work tell me: Your server license has been invalidated as it does not allow the current server version. Please downgrade the server version or contact OutSystems for a license upgrade.

Where can I generate the new file?
Hi Alexandre,

Did you use the Community Edition Installer to install your Community Edition? If so, you should have been guided to a request license page. We'll dig on that problem. Any way, you can request a license here:

If you have more problems, please let us know.
I had installed version 7 on my machine where I connect my development server which is also 7. Then I saw the release of version 8, but I will not install on my development server for a while, so I decided to install on my local machine, server and front end. And to work locally and I had the trial version does not work so I need a version to run community site generated the aqruivo license but it does not work, because even if you notice the name AgilePlatform70CommunityEdition.lic is for version 7 even where I generate a license for version 8?
Hi José the link that you pass work fine. Thanks. I use a wrong place to generate license. 

I'll glad it worked, and thanks for reporting the problem in our Community. Thanks to you, now everyone knows how go get a Community License, if they need to request one.

HI José.. another problem, to make some tests I try to generate a license to another developer server.. not community but standard version.. but when I try to aplly it to my server.. I receive a error tell me that license are valid only for 7 version, I need to ask Outsystems to upgrade my license?

Hi Alexandre. Let me check if I understood correctly. You upgraded a server from version 7 to version 8, and now you get a error saying that your license is locked to version 7, right? If so, you should contact with OutSystems through the mail:

Hi José, thanks for answer, I sent a message to this e-mail now I will wait. Thanks.
Great. If you have any problem let us know. =)