Client-Side tabs persisting first tab

I am baffled. I have a Client-Side tabs Widget setup and working great with 3 tabs. All of them load properly and toggle between tabs with no issue. I am now attempting to add a "search" input to tab one that will only serve to reduce the displayed results in tab one. When I publish, the search works properly on tab one. However, once the search input has been utilized, now as I click to any of the other three tabs, tab one remains "selected", and its content persists. The other tab that I click is also "selected", and it's content rendered below the content of tab one. This happens when I click on any other tab. If I come to the page, and do NOT actually kick off the search action on tab one, everything works fine. Something is happening after my refresh action that reloads the tab content that is making it permanently "selected" and showing up on all tabs. Any ideas?
I have discovered if I move my Ajax refresh up to refresh the entire Tabs container (containing all 3 tabs), it fixes the problem. However, it also slows the page down, as it now has to rebuild all the content for all the tabs as well. Does it make sense that Ajax refeshing the tab 1 container itself would cause the strange behavior I am seeing? I would really like the search on the particular tab to only refresh that tab on the Ajax call.