Problem editing (in particular, renaming) applications in 6.0

Hi all!
I'm using version 6.0.
To edit an application, for instance rename it, we must use service studio (cannot do it in service center), in the server page click on the application, and then on application page click on the name to rename it.
My problem is that I'm not able anymore to rename an application, or change any of it's properties.
When I click on the application, instead of opening the application page, the espace of the application is immediatly opened in service studio.
For each application there is also a new menu with the options "change", "open in browser", and "delete", that it didn't exist before.
This situation happens with all applications and with different users.
Any ideas for what the problem might be?
That I know of, the platform server didn't suffer any recent updgrades or changes.
-Platform Server version
-Service Studio
I've also been using version 7.0 in wich application management is different (better).
Going back to version 6.0 was bit confusing.
In 6.0, to change the application name indeed it is only possible by editing in the application espace the name of the application.
Hi Tiago,

Yes, unfortunally that's was a known problem with applications in 6.0.
In 6.0 the application "definition" was defined in one eSpace and it was not easy to define what was part of the application or not.

That was why in 7.0 the whole model was completely changed to split into two concepts and actually allow a real application management.
It was one of those changes without a big WOW factor, but that users feel bad without them :)