[Responsive] Fluid Layout

[Responsive] Fluid Layout

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Published on 2013-07-19 by Tiago Simões
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Published on 2013-07-19 by Tiago Simões
Would it be possible to have a fluid layout with this responsive design? It would be great if the user has the option to switch between fluid and boxed layout styles.

Great work regardless.
Hi Robbie,

Thanks for your feedback. For now this solution only supports a responsive fixed grid, but I believe it wouldn't be very hard to extend this to use a fluid grid.

Tiago Simões
Thanks for making this component available. 
I believe it should be integrated into the Platform. Such a necessity considering the current desktop/tablet/mobile generation we live in.
Interesting component, thanks for sharing.

however, when i publish it on the community-amazon server it refuses to publish HttpRequestHandler.
why is that?

As our Trial server in the Cloud is intended to allow newcomers to test the platform we don't fully support the usage of Extensions. However, you could not publish the eSpace because there was a small bug. This bug should already be fixed, can you test publishing the Responsive eSpace alone and see if it works?
Thank you for helping us improve our Cloud.
Yes, works like a charm now!

Hi Robbie,
Just to let you know that we will support fluid grids in platform 9!! Take a look at the following post:

Best Regards,
Vasco Pessanha