Help us improve the OutSystems Platform

Help us improve the OutSystems Platform

Hello all,
At OutSystems we take quality very seriously. We have thorough regression tests for all supported stacks and versions. And in every major version we work really hard to deliver new features with excelency and to make sure that your applications will continue working flawlessly after an upgrade. 
This being said I bet you know that every time you add features to a piece of software there is a chance that something unexpected can happen. So if something unexpected does happen, please don't forget to let us know so we can fix it quickly:

Thanks a lot,
Tiago Simões
Currently on platform 6, and I must say, Service Studio displays these pop-ups quite frequently (especially when dealing with static entities) and I admit I never press "Send Feedback". Coming to think of it, I had one yesterday on platform 8 when demonstrating some new cool features to my collegues. Hillarity ensued! :) Anyway, I'll press the "Send Feedback" button from now on, but why-oh-why isn't the feedback sent automatically? Or at least have an option that allows sending the feedback automatically?
Hi Kilian,

We prioritize the issues by risk and by frequency. If something is happening really often but nobody submits it, we don't realize the impact it is having on someone's work. 

Another important thing... If the instructions to reproduce the problem are complete, it is much simple for us to start right away. Sometimes we spend a lot of time just trying to understand what caused the crash.

So... if you know how to replicate the error, let us know. If you don't know... just click submit :)

Hi Hélio,

I mail the support team quite a lot if I can reproduce it, but especially concerning the static entity editor, there are a lot of crashes that seem to happen randomly. I'll be sure to use the submit button from now on!