"How To's" tab Gone in Service Studio 8

"How To's" tab Gone in Service Studio 8

Hello, I know this is not a major issue but ...

In Service Studio 7.0 there was a tab "How to's" sided by "Apps" with tutorials and videos, but now in Service Studio 8.0 was dropped, I am wondering why because this tab really helped me getting started with the platform and might be usefull for other newcomers?

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for noticing! When measuring the usage of those tutorials and after doing several usability tests, we found out that they were not very efficient in terms of the real knowledge they were able to convey to new users. Meanwhile we have worked a lot on making the learning process of the platform more focused and efficient via the free online videos at the Academy (http://www.outsystems.com/academy/).
The tutorials were fun, but not "challenging enough" to get people to actually keep the concepts we believe they need to progress further when building their own applications.
The videos, on the other hand, are succeeding on this. They also benefit from being integrated with the Forums, which allow for newcomers to pose their questions and get help from the Community or OutSystems. So we chose to invest more on the online videos and provide a standard way for every newcomer to have a simple and effective learning path on the platform.


Is there any way to install SS 7.0 and get access to the tutorials?
Yes there is Marco.

Go to Downloads area and install SS 7.