I wonder if you guys can help with is an issue with Zip extension for version 6 of Service Studio.
I imported the references from the extension, and used the actions in the following sequence flow:

(1) CreateZip
(2) AddFile, using the binary content of a pre-loaded file.
(3) CommitChanges
(4) GetZipBinary
(5) Dowload widget, assigning the file name as "file.zip" and Mime-type as "application/zip"

The issue is: when i open the zip file, winzip raises the following error box:
    "Cannot open file: it does not appear to be valid archive.
    If you downloaded this file, try downloading the file again."

I researched for similar problems with Zip Mime-type, and i tried, unsuccessfuly, all the folllowing Mime-types:

An interesting side-test that i did is that, after step (3), i managed to execute action GetFiles from the extension and it successfully retrived the one file i asked to be compressed. However, when multiple files are added to zip file, the action GetFiles returns an recordlist containing only one added file. It corresponds to the latest added file.
In both tests, the results in GetFiles output has empty value for field "Name".

Is this a known issue? Any ideas that can solves the mentioned issues?
Thanks in advance

Hi Alexandre,

From your description it sounds like it should work.
I've used the extension in v6 the same way you're describing and I've had no issues. And I was compressing multiple files.

Can you attach an eSpace where the problem is happening?

Hello Daniel,

I believe that i have identified the issue. Outsystem's action "AddFiles" does not raise errors when an empty filename is assigned as parameter, thus, it silently creates a corrupted zip file.

Thanks for your reply,
Best Regards
Excellent, I'm glad you found the issue :)
All the best,