hello people

I would like to make a web app for my college. The application name is "From college to work" the name say a lot. The main features of my application would be:

Students can create account and put their resume and browse jobs and brows
Students can applay for job.
Employers can create account and browse students, download biography and post jobs /edit jobs and browse onther job's

Simply it would be all the little charts and pretty pictures number of students number of
employers and
I tried to do that but it's not going well
Could you help me with some templates or counsel
Hi Goran,

The best place for you to start is probably by watching the online tutorial videos:


Hopefully that will give you somewhere to start to learn how to use the platform.

Hi Goran,

The online tutorial videos are indeed a good place to start. However, as they are videos, you cannot experiment on your own. Since you would like to make a web app for your college, I would strongly advise you to download the Community Edition. Feel free to have a look at http://www.outsystems.com/Community/download/

Once you have downloaded and installed the Community Edition, you are now good to go. Afterwards, I would recommend you to do the "Build an app in 5 minutes" tutorial. It covers up the most basic aspects and will get you ready to start doing more powerful apps. Also, check out the Sample Apps, which are included in Service Studio. Those are already built and running apps that you can easily upload to your Server. Furthermore, you can check out its code, and, even more interesting, you can manipulate it at your own desire. 

With this. you'll get pretty much the gist of it.

Kind regards,

Ricardo Alves

Hello Goran,

Welcome to our community..
There's a post very similar to this at http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/10267/where-to-start-from/
Good luck.

Gonçalo M.
Hi guys
Thank you for the quick responses,
I installed outsystem service studio 8 and adjusted it to work on the localhost. I watched the tutorials and they are very good. I understand how to do some basic things.
I've done 3-4 times application of 5 minutes
Big problem were i have
Is there an option to download cool theme for my application, there are a couple of offered that do not fit for me?

The biggest problem that I have is to change the appearance of the application (I know CSS medium)
Another thing is how to make a form or to where my users can register and they can choose from two options to register as a student or employer
. I have entite users(default)  and how can i bound with 2 new entites students and employer.

thanks for the responses I will continue to try to do it

Hi again Novak,

The OutSystems Platform now provides some out of the box themes. At first sight, it may appear that we only provide four themes (Chicago, Detroit, Greenwhich, San Francisco). Nevertheless, there are more. To check our whole collection,  you may click in the Add/Remove references button, in the top bar of Service Studio, as you can see depicted in the following picture.

Once there, from the left panel, look for RichWidgets. Then, look on the right panel for "Themes". You can check the ones you would like to import. It may be the case that one of them can solve your problem. Keep in mind that the themes are also customizable. 

Once imported, you can easily switch between themes, as you can see in the following picture.

As far as the second question goes, you can have a look here http://www.outsystems.com/academy/11/1682/557/list-records-from-the-database/ and http://www.outsystems.com/academy/11/1683/570/use-entities-to-model-data/. These videos show how to work with entities and how to visualize them in your application.


Ricardo Alves
Goran Novak wrote:
The biggest problem that I have is to change the appearance of the application (I know CSS medium)
 Hi Goran,

You also have a couple of videos, starting with this one, aimed at customizing the look and feel of your application.
For that I would suggest you start with a base theme like the Chicago theme and customized it to fit your needs. Obviously you can create your theme from scratch but that would give you much more work to do...


thank you so much you are the best :)
You help me a lot  now I can continue with the project