standard 300 no longer available at v8.0

Hi everyone , i just setup the v8 of agile platform and i noticed the 30 day offline trial edition is no longer available, instead there seems to be an option for using online servers.does it mean i cant evaluate it when offline.thanks.
Try downloading it from this URL, it should install the agile platform onto your local machine.

Hi , thanks robert but what i mean is that there is no longer 30 days free trail license anymore.its either you use the online cloud trial or community edition .i cant evaluate the opensource apps offline .i have the full setup
Hi Tmlewin,

I'm not sure I correctly understood the problem. In fact, in version 8.0, we no longer have the 30 days free trial license. You can start the evaluation process using the online cloud trial, and, afterwards, to continue experimenting the OutSystems Platform, you may opt to move to the Community Edition. Nevertheless, you have access to the apps in both environments. You can still use them, and tweak them at your desire.


Ricardo Alves
He wants to create new apps with v8 and use the generated code :-)
That's not possible anymore as of v7 
@joop That is absolutely wrong.I used to work offline a lot of times when I was evaluating the older versions like v7 so constant internet hookup to the cloud wasn't always an option for me. Secondly if you aren't aware only paid (enterprise) versions of the platform gives u an option to detach and use the generated code.Its very important to get facts right and not to be judgy because not everyone has that mindset you seem to put out.thanks
Sorry I misunderstood/misread/judged to quickly
I do have the v8 full version and I can work offline