Quick Help - Newbie working through tutorials

Quick Help - Newbie working through tutorials

I am creating a sample application as a basic contact database.

my database structure is main table customer, related table (Oneto many relationship) Contact

 I have created a couple of Add and Edit forms for the entry or change of the data, so by clicking a button in the customer record I open the add/edit contact record.

How would I populate the customer field on the contact record when creating it, to ensure the contact is put against the correct record.

Hi Toby,

You can check our free online training videos. I think this one might help you out.

Hello Toby,

First of all, welcome to the Outsystems Community.
Tell me what you want to do..
I think you might have a certain Contacts List and you want to Edit a Contact of a certain row.
If is this, you can put an input field with the Contact identifier that you want to Edit and use the Table Record current Contact identifier to edit it.
But if you can give me more info I'll try to help you.

Kind Regards,
Gonçalo M.
Thanks Guys,

here is the scenario a little more in depth.

I have a list of customers.  I can drill into the customer record in an add/edit record.

in that record i have a sublist showing a list of Contact (Created in a table with a 1 - many relationship).  This works nicely and shows the list of contacts registered against the customer.

I have a button on the form to add a new contact, which takes the user to a new page to add a contact.  At the moment the page opens with all the fields blank.  What I would like to do is populate the customer field with the customer that the new contact was initiated from, to ensure that the contact is referenced against the correct customer.

I have then successfully linked this back to the customer record so on submit of the contact record the user is taken back to the original customer record with the new contact showing in the list.