How to make use of File Upload Control? ( i just want to upload one photo so how to achive it?)
Hi JD!

This is how you can create a file upload control.
  • Create a popup editor with upload widget from the left toolbar. Also, include a 'upload' button.
  • On the page where you want to upload the file, give a link and link it to the popup editor, pass the DocumentTypeId
  • Create an entity for page_attachment which contains Content(binary), ContentType(text), FileName(text), DocumentTypeId(static entity which refers to the document to be uploaded), and the pageId on which you need this feature.
  • For 'upload' button action write a query with the page entity and the page_attachment entity and pass the pageId and DocumentTypeId to the entity as the input parameters.
  • Check if the file already exists and then 'createpage_attachment' or 'createorupdatepage_attachment', notify the popup editor with blank message and then close it.
  • Now, for the popup method create a destination 'onnotify method' and save the contents of that particular 'page', refresh the preparation query, add a notify widget and then refresh the container that contains a link with the uploaded document as the variable.
Hi JD,
Just to add a note..The button Validation should be set to "Submit".

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Gonçalo M.
After clicking the Upload button... i want to show the name of the file attached in the same page... what feild i should use for that..? please help me to fix this.
Hi Nandhini,

Upload control has one property FileName.

Take one expression and assign value to expression as Upload1.FileName. (Either enclose that expression into container or name it)

Refresh that container or named expression after file upload operation and it should display you file name.

Hope this helps.

Suraj B