Linking to another project in espace

Hello All

Stil very new at this :p

I plan to develop a reasonable size application that requires multiple functionality.

For Example, say I have a project calculator. I created a main application which is a menu so that users can select following options: 1) Addition & Subtraction , 2) Multiply & Division, 3) SIN COS TAN, 4) GRAPH PLOTTING.

Each option, I will be creating separate projects with in the espace. With this, I can reuse the options in another new project.

Obviously my applications aren't that simple and anyhow, my question would be, at the moment, I have the main application developed and one of the option application developed, how can I linked between the two?

I tried using the destination, but it only show that project's scope and not outside of it which is the espace with all other projects

Thank you

Hi David,
I think that the best way that you have to do it is to implement in the same eSpace each of those funcionalities in separate actions and set each of those action PUBLIC field to TRUE. With that you can import them and use them in other eSpaces.
Any questions feel free to ask =)
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Hi Tiago 

Thanks you for reply. Well the functionality isn't something that an action can perform. What I intended was There is a Main Project application which then separate different component projects, and each client of mine will subscribe based on what component they needed and each component project is a standalone project which has its own web blocks, entity etc..

All I wanted to do is just from the main application to a separate project's web screens, also passing their userID (sessionID).

It just occurred to me that this can achieve by using the "Add reference" function that service studio has. However, when I check mark that component project, it didn't show the web screen/block that it has.

Actually Tiago you mention about changing public from false into true and thats what I did on the separate project's web block, and now in the reference I am able to select them.

So Thanks!


However, I dont see any where that I can pass my session ID (user id) to the other project
Why you can't use an input paramater to pass that value? I thinking that this is exactly what you want.

Best regards.
Hi David, 

user id is shared to all espaces you reference by using Session.UserID, so you won't need to pass that one.

Perfect thank so much Ricardo

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