List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy: How to reference a Structure within the TableRecord


I have  Table Record with Entities and Structures and i want to order the Table record using the decimal value on the Struture the same way has i do with the Entity : {ENTITY}.[ATTRIBUTE]

Is this even possible?

Hello J

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Well, that depends on how you're feeding the table records.

If you're using and advanced query to feed the table records with the entities and structure records, then you can customize the query to also sort by the value returned by the query.

If you're using a simple query to feedback the table records, and you're calculating in runtime the values of the structure fields, then you have to sort the list also in runtime. For that, you can use the SortRecordList component to sort by the structures fields.

Hope this helps you achieve your goal.


Miguel Simões João