Get information about the meta data of Structure

I created a structure in service studio. Now i want to know what all attributes are available inside them. For user Entities there is a system entity table which provides all those information. Which "System entity" i need to look for this. We use outsystems with java. In case if there any API available please let me know.
There is no OutSystems metadata for structures.

Why exactly do you need this?
i want to show the list of structure to the user in a web screen. When he selects one then i need to show them list of attributes inside the structure... 

How outsystem maintains the structure metadata is they stored inside some system table or read from olm file
Hi Hari,

I think Structures and Static Entities are not stored in System Entities, rather they are generated inside the code of the application.
Hi Hari,

One way to do this is creating an extension, in your case in Java, using reflection.
In the extension create an action where you receive an Object, of your structure (created in Service Studio), that will have the follow composition:

- Record
         - Structure
                   - attribute1
                   - attribute2
                   - ....

An easy way to know if the Object is a Record, Structure or attribute is using the naming convention:
- Record objects start with "RC" and end with "Record", for instance, "RCPersonRecord";
- Structure objects start with "ST" and end with "Structure", for instance, "STAddressStructure";
- The attributes of a structure start with "ss", for instance, "ssAge";

With this and using reflection you can know the attributes and types of your structure and manage them as you need.

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Vitor Gibao
you may also want to look into OutDoc
Hi Hari,

Welcome to the Community! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 

As for your questions, I'll second Charles - OutDoc is your best bet into addressing this issue and it includes a set of actions you can reference to achieve your purpose. 

Let us know if you were able to solve your challenge!
Hi guys,

I had recently this very same requirement but didn't use OutDoc (shame on me!). Instead I've created a Record introspection component, which you can find at



I have same question. Unfortunately the OutDoc and Record Introspection from Pedro both are in .Net stack and we are using Java stack.

I want to create a data dictionary where it reads from structure meta data and prints structures, attributes and also the exact xPath of attribute when it is converted in to XML.

Do we have a way out for JAVA stack?


Hi Shamil,

Can you explain the use case that you are trying to achieve?
That way it could be possible to give you a better alternative.

João Rosado