Hello everyone,

Does anyone use some good tools (open source) to test the performance of an Outsystems application and to indicate the higher charge resources to load and give some optimization tips?
I already used some tools online but none were good enough to make this analysis,....
Thank you all in advance.

Kind Regards,
Gonçalo M. 
Hello Gonçalo,

A couple of things I have used in the past:
  • WAPT (Load Testing Tool) - Not open source but a really easy tool to use and provides all the basics you'll need to generate load
  • DynaTrace - Good choice for front-end resource testing

Is this the kind of tools you are looking for? 

Obviously, the greatest tool of all is your ServiceCenter and LifeTime instance that showcases the details of exactly where the slowdowns are ;)
I've used JMeter!
Hi Gonçalo, 

Here some tips i currently use:

Thank you very much about all the tips.
I knew some of them, but gonna try the other to see the ones that best fit my needs.

Gonçalo M.