OutDoc: How can I customize the output of OutDoc?

OutDoc: How can I customize the output of OutDoc?

Hi guys,

I'm completely newbie using Outdoc and I have some doubts:

1. Is it possible to customize what is documented or not? (For example, in my case, I just want the documentation of the web screens, ignoring actions and database)

2. Is it possible to show the variables (and respectively descriptions) of a webscreen?

This way, I would be able to document automatically my RESTful API :)
Hi Carlos,

1. OutDoc provides some public actions that you can reference to make your own custom documentation. The one you need in this case is called Section_3_2_GenerateWebScreen. You need to pass it as argument the XML you obtain from the Document_GetEspaceDocumentation action, also provided.

If you don't want to start from zero, just clone (File > Clone...) the OutDoc eSpace and start removing things :)

2. I think OutDoc does not provide this information currently.