Email transalation

Email transalation

Currently I am building a application where I need to send the same email in several languages.
With that purpose, I am setting (using the action setCurrentLocale), in the Preparation of each email the “locale” which the destination needs to receive the email.
But the email’s are always sent in English ?
Which is more strange is that the original email was written in Portuguese. Why the OS platform is translating to English ?
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Are you using the Platform translation resources to aply multilanguage in your application?
Your session language by default might be set with your server language (I think your system current locale is set to english) and that explains the emails in English.
Try to add an input on your email screen with the language that you want to use and according to that input value,  use the action SetCurrentLocale in your preparation to set the language to the inputed one.

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Gonçalo M.
Hi Nelson,

I just did a quick test and it is working correctly on my server.
In attachment is the eSpace I made to test.

One thing that can explain your email going into english is if you are passing an invalid value to SetCurrentLocale, or if passing "".
"" means its the default (or so called Neutral) locale.and usually defaults to "en".

João Rosado
Hi João,

Thank you for your example.
I detected that I was using an invalid Locale code. This was the reason why the email was not translated.

Nelson Braga
Hello Nelson,

If you have any doubts when you  need to add some language, you can look at some websites like this, with all the - culture info codes.