bild a website.

Hello together,

I need to no something.
I need to use outsystems to build appliation in Germany and to build a webseite at the sametime with slideshow and so one.
Can you tell me if outsystems are userfull for this job and how can i integrat the css and html part that i need to build my application?
thanks forward.
Hello Pattrick. Take a look at I think it speeks by itself ;)
Excelent example,Pedro..
But you can aldo look at the Outsystems website :)
@Patrick Njoh - You can build almost any kind of websites and width different complexities..
Give us some news about your project in Germany.

Kind Regards,
In fact Gonçalo. I was trying to more independent :) but yes: we eat our own dog food :D site, comunity, internal apps...