When we have human activities, we add automatically a task to users.
Is it possible to put some logic to avoid user to done his task before he performed the required action.

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Lecat Eric
Hi Lecat,

Can you explain a little bit better what is your scenario?

Do you want to set automatically this task done for a set of users or do you want to skip that task for them?

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Tiago Leão
Hi Tiago,
Thank you for you reply.
We start an application who gives task when a record is created to the database. When this record is created, a group of users must performed a task. I want that the user cannot submit his task inside his taskbox as done so long he didn't performed the task asked.
Hi Lecat,

What you can do is to create a role and assign that human activity only for the users that have that role. This way, only that users will be asked to perform the task.
Hi Lecat,

If you rightclick on your human activity and create a "On Close" action, you can setup there the logic you want to check when the user clicks the "Done" button.

That action will execute when a user tries to click the "Done".
That way you can validate inside the action if it can proceed. If not, you throw a exception inside it (recommendation is to use the "Abort Activity Change exception") the activity will not close and the user will receive the message you set in the exception.

João Rosado
Hi everybody,
Thank you all for you reply.
I think Joao give the answer i needed.

Lecat Eric