Question regardingstylesheets and themes

Question regardingstylesheets and themes


I have an espace where I have my webblocks placed.
The espace has got a referenced basetheme where the default styling is used.
now All I want is extend the basethem with style only!

create a theme with basetheme the original, but then it shouts I need an error-handler.
which I don't care about, because my basetheme is handling it.

add to every webblock the same style, which is cumbersome and maintainability is pooh.

add a webblock to every webblock that only contains styling, seems silly to me

So how do I approach this issue?
I just want to "extend" a stylesheet with styles only on a screenflow only.

It is true, OutSystems errorhandling is not inherited.
Regarding your options 2 and 3 I would avoid them because it will be very hard to maintain and you will have to replicate css code (not advised).

Consider two additional options:
  1. In the errorhandling flow, set the landing webscreens' Public property to 'Yes' (for example, "InternalError" and "InvalidPermissions"). Then, in the consumer eSpace, create a dummy error handling that for each exception redirects to these webscreens.
  2. In the producer eSpace, create a webscreen to handle all the errors (all the logic will be implemented in its preparation). Then, when any exception is thrown in the eSpaces, you just have to redirect it to this special errorhandling screen.
I hope this was useful!

Best Regards,
Vasco Pessanha