Where is Daniel Lourenço and Antonio Chinita?

Where is Daniel Lourenço and Antonio Chinita?

I remember Daniel Lourenço use to post many useful articles on this forum.

He also use to response to my support ticket with very detailed instructions!

Useful guy, he disappeared? 

Antonio Chinita has also disappeared?

Where did they go?
Daniel is just a shout away:

Not sure about Chinita... :)
Hello mate

Good to know your still alive! 

You dont like to support my tickets anymore? :)

Chinita, I just emailed him, skype called him, his gone!?
Hi Robert,

Don't worry about Chinita..I can ensure you that he's fine.
We're just having a period with a lot of work..We spend more time at the office than at home,
He's in a very focused ninja code
level :)
I'll tell him tomorrow that the community guys are missing him..


Goncalo -

I'd give that a "thumbs down" to indicate that I hate that you guys are swamped (I'm sure some of that is my fault!), but I don't want to hurt your Profile Score. :D

well, Chinita has got some ninja style lately :)
@GM Chinita emailed me, thanks! He was out of the country, that's why he was missing in action lately! :) Now that his back, we might see some new forge goodies?
@Robert - Yes, he was a few days off Portugal..But at this moment he's just on my right side, here in the office :)

@Justin - Don't be like that..lol..See...with this post, I save one of them (1 instead of 2..lol...)

Sharing a bit of Chinita while he's not around: