update autocomplete on the fly

update autocomplete on the fly

Hi All,
         I am trying to update autocomplete on the fly. I am opening a pop-up box to add new record and after hitting save there, I am saving the record in the database and getting the field name from the pop-up box using NotifyWidgetGetMessage(). I update the input field(to which auto-complete is bound) using this value. Its working fine uptill this point but after saving the main record, GetIdentifier action is still getting the old value. How can I rebind the autocomplete using the new value from the pop-up box ? Do I need to double click in the text box again and then click on the new record added, to make it work ?  For Example: say I have a product edit screen with manufacturer name as auto-complete. I want to add a new manufacturer on the fly and then save product using this new value. Thanks.

Hello Khushwant

Can you share a sample espace with that pattern? This would help narrow down the problem.



Miguel Simões João